Therapeia is in the historical city of Dresden based German company dedicated to the development of radiopharmaceutical development for the benefit of the patient and with the general aim to have a stake in the future of this promising modality of medical research.

The first development ACD-101 consists of a family of products in the indication of malignant gliomas. You will find different information about this project on the website.

ACD-101 combines within one and the same molecule an unprecedented combination of pharmacological properties and synergistic partial effects which impede the development of resistance against this therapeutic. Using 131I-ACD-101 experimental human gliomas in the rat model were curatively treated for the first time.
In contrast to the majority of chemotherapeutics ACD-101 is actively transported over the intact blood brain barrier into the CNS (brain) and accumulated preferentially in glioma cells (enrichment factor until >10) and retained for prolonged periods. Interestingly, enrichment occurs independently from the histological tumour type in low grade and high grade gliomas alike (WHO Grad I – IV), which enables a universal therapeutic use.
131I-ACD-101 is cytocidal for glioma cells (cell killing). In addition ACD-101 has an intrinsic radio-sensitizing effect („radio-sensitizer“) which increases the effect of external field radiation (current standard therapy), as well as the effect of an intra-molecular 131I-irradiation.
Endo-radiotherapy 131I-ACD-101 can be combined with conventional external field radiotherapy and the combination has synergistic anti-tumour effects.


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