Therapeia is a German specialist company dedicated to the development of diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals for unmet patient needs and with the general aim to have a stake in the future of this promising modality of medical science. The lead development candidate, ACD-101 consists of a product family for diagnosis and treatment of malignant glioma (brain cancer). You will find more detailed information about ACD-101 on this website.

ACD-101 unites within a single molecule, an unprecedented combination of anti-cancer effects. ACD-101 is cytostatic, has an intrinsic radio-sensitizer effect
increasing the biological effect of external field radiation ( current standard therapy) and can in addition, be radiolabelled with 131I to convey an intracellular 131I-irradiation (“endo-radiotherapy”) similar to radioiodine therapy, the established treatment standard for thyroid cancer.

ACD-101 is actively transported over the intact blood brain barrier into tumour tissue and is retained for up to a week. Intratumor accumulation of ACD-101 occurs independently from histological tumour type in low and high grade gliomas alike (WHO grades II–IV) allowing a universal therapeutic use independent from glioma histology.

Using 131I-ACD-101, experimental human gliomas in a rat model were curatively treated for the first time. Endo-radiotherapy 131I-ACD-101 can be combined with conventional external radiotherapy to maximise synergies of different anti-tumour modes of action.

ACD-101 is currently under development. You can find information about the development on this website. For more information please use the contact form or use the Login on the right side of the page.

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